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Narada unveils ‘first large-scale overseas BESS project’ in Germany

Fri, 08/31/2018 - 15:37 -- John Shepherd
Narada battery

Chinese battery maker Narada will formally launch its first large-scale battery storage project outside of China in Germany next week.

The 15-megawatt/25MWh Langenreichenbach lead-carbon battery system near Leipzig has been built in partnership with German electric energy storage operator the Upside Group.

The project will provide frequency regulation for the German power grid.

A second 15MW storage unit is already under construction in the area— and there are plans for Narada and Upside to install a further three such projects in the country.

Narada, which is supplying the China-made batteries for the project, told BEST Battery Briefing it has a 55% stake in the Langenreichenbach to Upside’s 45%. 

Narada’s senior account manager for ESS business and overseas markets, Yi Dai, said the company is now looking to work on similar projects in other European countries.

He said lead-carbon was chosen in part because— when the decision was taken to go ahead with the German venture in 2017— the cost for lead made the investment cheaper than lithium-ion.

In China, Narada largely supplied lead-carbon batteries for behind-the-meter storage “at a total capacity exceeding 500MWh” over the past year, according to recent figures from the China Energy Storage Alliance.

Upside was established in 2010 as an association of international companies dealing in new energy technology focused on international photovoltaic power plant and storage projects.

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