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Amprius delivers high energy and capacity for smartphones

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 18:36 -- Ruth Williams

Chinese-American lithium-ion developer Amprius has launched its first range of high capacity batteries with a high energy density for the portable electronics market. The company has been developing the lithium-ion batteries and is now supplying them to smartphone and tablet OEMs.

The first generation range is based on a 1850 mAh (580 Wh/L) battery and a 4060 mAh (600 Wh/L) battery. Amprius is also working on customer-specific battery designs.

"Amprius is excited to work closely with OEM manufacturers to make high energy battery technologies available to consumers,” said Amprius CEO Dr. Kang Sun. "We will soon increase our manufacturing capacity to meet increasing customer demand for our high capacity and high energy density batteries."

Later this year pilot production of the next range will begin, which extends the company’s work with silicon-anode-based technologies. Dr Sun said: “Amprius is also collaborating with Professor Yi Cui’s lab at Stanford University and industrial partners worldwide to develop high energy density cathodes, advanced electrochemical systems, high performance separators, and innovative manufacturing processes.”