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Carter Sullivan launches ‘next generation’ UPS switchgear

Thu, 05/23/2013 - 18:36 -- Editor

UPS engineering specialist Carter Sullivan has launched Smart Interlock EMBS, which it claims allows anyone to safely and confidently operate the transfer of a UPS system onto maintenance bypass, without fear of losing the load or damaging the UPS.

The UK firm says most External Maintenance Bypass Switches (EMBS) today incorporate some form of interlocking to ensure the UPS is in the correct mode before switching is performed. However, most of these interlocks require the user to understand the switching sequence in detail prior to its operation and, in many cases, EMBS also require keys that always seem to go missing when needed most!

The Smart Interlock incorporates an LCD Display and simple push button controls that guide the operator through the process of transferring a UPS system onto Maintenance Bypass. The clear instructions and UPS automation provide a safe and straightforward way to operate the system.

John Slaughter, Carter Sullivan’s Technical Director, designed the Smart Interlock switch after helping a nervous customer through the existing bypass procedure. The customer had both his operating manual and key but found the process complex and confusing.

Slaughter decided to design a switch that could guide the user through the process.  “An EMBS is often only used in the event of a UPS problem and hunting down keys and searching through manuals can be challenging and result in unnecessary delay,” he said.

“The switch is designed to constantly communicate with the UPS as it moves through the process, ensuring the UPS is in the correct operating mode before proceeding to the next step.”

The Smart Interlock switch will automatically transfer the UPS to static bypass when necessary and wait for feedback from the UPS before allowing the operator to continue with the process, making incorrect operation impossible. It monitors the state of the mains supply and UPS output to provide additional security when operating the bypass switch.

This is achieved by the addition of a purpose-built dual power supply, which ensures the PLC has continuous power regardless of the condition of the mains supply or UPS output. The Manual Bypass Breaker is protected to ensure it cannot be operated at the wrong point in the switching sequence.