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Emerson reveals 120kW DC power system

Tue, 06/24/2014 - 16:38 -- Laura Varriale
Emerson NetSure

Emerson Network Power has expanded its 400V DC power platform with a 120kW power system for critical power applications.

The NetSure 9500 is designed for telecom, data centre and commercial building applications. The design shall enable deployment in various configurations, allowing scalable growth to avoid stranded capacity. An integrated distribution module faciliates extended load distribution positions.

The system provides a battery cabinet containing one string of valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries. It uses the same architecture like the 30kW NetSure system.

“The NetSure 9500 provides an alternative to traditional -48V DC power systems in the telecom space and to AC UPS systems in data centers. It also is a natural fit for commercial buildings, where DC microgrids that integrate distributed energy sources are increasingly common”, said Thomas Bennett, vice president of product management for the energy systems business of Emerson. Moving from -48V to 400V DC, reduces the costs of telecom providers by up to 80%, stated the company.

The first deployment of the product is by US-based Steel ORCA, which provides AC and DC solutions. “We recognise that the industry is looking for ways to maintain or improve reliability while maintaining or reducing cost,” said Dennis Cronin, chief operating officer of Steel ORCA.