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EnStorage HBr battery flows

Wed, 04/17/2013 - 18:36 -- Ruth Williams

EnStorage has developed and produced the first grid-connected hydrogen-bromine (HBr) flow battery. The 50KW battery provides 100KWh of electricity in southern Israel.

Having proven the concept in a lab, EnStorage scaled-up to the multi-stack full system that has a proven 10 000 cycle stability.

"This is a major milestone and a step forward towards larger capacity products," says Dr. Arnon Blum, President of EnStorage Inc. "With the 50 KW system we have refined our ability to manage multiple battery stacks, which is key to providing a modular and cost effective storage system for our customers."

Using readily available hydrogen bromine and hydrogen as storage chemicals means the HBr flow battery has 95% reduced costs compared to other available batteries. The conversion stacks have three-times greater power densities comparable to other batteries, which greatly reduces the size.

Dr Blum said the batteries will tackle the major issues faced by energy companies by eliminating intermittence, aligning energy availability with demand for load levelling and peak shaving as well as deferring transmission and distribution upgrades, and providing congestion relief.

EnStorage’s next goal is to produce a 150KW unit offering six hours of energy storage.