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EnStorage HBr flow battery goes online in Israel

Wed, 06/19/2013 - 18:36 -- Ruth Williams

Israeli company EnStorage has produced the first grid-connected Hydrogen-Bromine (HBr) flow battery system at its test site in Southern Israel. The 50KW system provides up to 100KWh of energy.first grid-connected HBr goes online

Dr. Arnon Blum, President of EnStorage said: “With the 50 KW system, we have refined our ability to manage multiple battery stacks, which is key to providing a modular and cost effective storage system for our customers.”

The battery has been scaled up from a single watt laboratory concept system to the 50 KW system that was tested and proved stable over 10 000 cycles.

The batteries use abundantly found hydrogen bromine as a storage chemical, the bromine is harvested from the Dead Sea, making the battery relatively low cost.

“We believe that by making energy storage simple and affordable we can tackle the major issues facing the energy sector,” says Blum, “EnStorage batteries can firm up renewable energy by eliminating intermittency, align energy availability with demand for load leveling and peak shaving, defer transmission and distribution upgrades, and provide instant congestion relief, solving immediate grid constraints.”

EnStorage is next developing a 150KW commercial unit.