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Eos secures funding for grid-scale battery pilot project

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 18:36 -- Ruth Williams

Eos Energy Storage has announced a pilot project in New York City testing its grid-scale energy storage technology. In partnership with Consolidated Edison the pilot, due to begin in 2014, will use the battery technology to demonstrate the benefits of distributed energy storage.EOS Energy

"Through this pilot and partnership with Con Edison, we have the opportunity to install our safe, efficient battery technology in a dense load centre like New York City, where the benefits of energy storage are particularly significant," said Eos President Steve Hellman.

Following a series B financing round, Eos secured US$15 million from 21 investors for the commercialisation of the grid-scale battery storage technology. The system, called Eos Aurora, has been engineered to enable utilities to operate more efficiently by time-shifting peak energy demand and providing greater resilience to the grid.

This project represents a milestone in the scale-up and commercialisation of Eos's 1MW/6MWh grid-scale battery. The Aurora is backed by Eos's novel, low-cost and proprietary zinc-hybrid cathode technology, which has a 75% round-trip efficiency rate and a 10,000-cycle/30-year lifetime.

The syndicate of investors includes NRG Energy and Fisher Brothers – both of which are heavily involved in the energy industry in the US.