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GE Critical Power introduces TLE Series UPS

Wed, 06/05/2013 - 18:36 -- Editor

GE Critical Power has introduced its TLE Series of transformer-less, three-phase UPS.

Claiming up to 97 per cent efficiency in double-conversion mode and up to 99 per cent in eBoost, also known as multi-mode, operation, GE says the TLE series is best-in-class.

GE’s TLE Series ranges up to 1.5 MW in a single module and is offered in both UL and CE versions. The CE version spans up to 1.2 MW, while the UL version ranges up to 1.5 MW.

The TLE 160 kW to 400 kW, CE-rated products are available now; and the UL-rated products will be available throughout 2013 with the higher power ranges available in 2014.

Equipped with a TLE UPS and operating in double-conversion mode with 97 per cent efficiency, a typical large, enterprise-class data centre with a 5 MW critical load can realize lifecycle operating expense savings up to $2 million when compared to a typical double-conversion, 93 per cent efficient UPS due to its reduced energy costs.

In eBoost operating mode, the TLE provides additional energy cost reductions and provides up to $3.5 million in life cycle operating expense savings.

GE’s Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) provides the TLE Series with the ability to connect up to six TLE modules together and eliminates single points of failure, ensuring the load is protected in the event a single UPS module is out of service.

GE is offering its Capital Retrofit Program through a partnership with GE Capital for the TLE series. Customers can take advantage of customized financial lease programs and terms to support equipment upgrades and retrofits.