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Global Energy Prize winners announced

Thu, 04/18/2013 - 18:36 -- Ruth Williams

The honorees of the 2013 Global Energy Prize have been announced to recognise their achievements in energy technology for contributions and research in rechargeable batteries and physics.

Dr Akira Yoshino and Vladimir Evgenyevich Fortove have been named the prize laureates, each recieving US$1.2 million endowment for future projects.

Yoshino, of Japan, received the prize for his work in developing lithium-ion batteries. He is a Fellow at the Asahi Kasei Corp. and is President of the Lithium-ion Battery Technology and Evaluation Center (LIBTEC) in Japan.

Fortov, of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Department for Power Industry, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics and Control Processes in Russia, received the prize for his work in thermodynamic, thermophysical, electrophysical, and electronic properties of fluids and construction materials in extensive and previously unexplored area of phase diagram. 

“It is a tremendous honor to be here among this distinguished crowd and to be recognised in this way. I’m very humbled by this,” said Mr. Yoshino at the ceremony held in Moscow.

The Global Energy Prize has been awarded for the past 11 years to people who have made significant contributions in the fields of energy and energy storage. The awards are peer-nominated and have been given to 27 people since 2002.