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Intel chip design maximises battery power in portable devices

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 18:36 -- Ruth Williams

Intel has announced details of its newest technology, a chip that can triple calculating speeds in mobile devices. Called Silvermont, the new chip will maximise power consumption by drawing just one fifth the power of existing chip technology.

The Silvermont microarchitecture is a new design in Intel's 22nm Tri-Gate SoC process, delivering increases in performance and energy efficiency. It will serve as the foundation for a breadth of 22nm products targeted at tablets, smartphones, microservers, network infrastructure, storage and other market segments including entry laptops and in-vehicle 'infotainment' systems.

The chips use a production process that creates 3D transistors which offer improved performance and power consumption, this means less of a drain on the battery making them ideal for mobile electronic devices.

The Silvermont design will be used in chops for tablets, smartphones and other products being released later this year. The specifications and performance metrics have not yet been announced.

Intel has said the chips will have four processor cores for tablets and dual-core for smart phones to optimise power consumption.