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Israel’'s Enstorage commissions grid-connected HBr flow battery

Tue, 04/09/2013 - 18:36 -- Editor

Israeli firm Enstorage has commissioned what it claims to be the first ever grid-connected Hydrogen-Bromine (HBr) flow battery.

The 50 kW battery was connected at the company's test site in southern Israel and provides up to 100 KWh of energy.

EnStorage scaled from a one watt lab proof of concept single cell system, to the recently operational multi-stack full system.

During this period, the system's components have been put through testing that proved stable operations over 10,000 cycles. EnStorage's technology breakthroughs are covered by an extensive IP portfolio, which includes the core technology, materials, membrane and operations.

EnStorage says its flow batteries utilize HBr and H2 as storage chemicals. Abundance of these materials reduces the chemical cost by 95% compared to other batteries, making it the most affordable flow battery in the market.

Moreover, the battery's proprietary conversion stacks has demonstrated over three times the power densities compared to other batteries, making it smaller and lower in cost.