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Saft energy storage system in Italian distribution network

Wed, 04/17/2013 - 18:36 -- Ruth Williams

Saft is providing lithium-ion batteries to a SAET 2MW energy storage system at an Enel substation in southern Italy. The batteries will provide grid stability and even-out power flow with the influx of power from renewable energy sources.

The Enel Distribuzione substation system, which will be capable of delivering 2MW of power and have 1MWh of energy storage, is due to be operational from Autumn 2013.

The substation is located in Puglia, an area with a high level of variable and intermittent power from renewable energy sources that can cause reverse power flows on the high/medium voltage transformers. The role of Saft’s batteries in the energy storage system is to reduce the variability of power flow as well as allowing for more controllable energy exchange between the substation and the Italian national grid. 

Saft is to provide the lithium-ion battery system, the grid connection, system controls and energy management system as well as system installation and commissioning. Enel Distribuzione distributes power to 85% of Italian energy customers.