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Singapore’'s Diamond Energy to pilot Siemens demand response technology

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 18:36 -- Editor

Singapore energy company Diamond Energy and Siemens have agreed to collaborate on demand response services, commencing with a pilot project.

The pilot aims to demonstrate the feasibility of implementing customised technology and solutions to deploy Interruptible Load (IL) operations. Under the IL scheme, Diamond Energy will make payments to the participating contestable consumers based on their availability to reduce their electricity demand by pre-determined quantities when asked to do so.

The existing IL scheme in the National Electricity Market of Singapore enables consumers to be paid in return for having a portion of their electricity supply on standby for temporary interruption.

Diamond Energy, the largest Interruptible Load Aggregator in the National Electricity Market of Singapore, will manage the IL operations and the pilot demand response programme using its proprietary platform. It has been working with the industrial and manufacturing sectors to participate in the IL scheme since 2006.

This pilot project is timely, as the Energy Market Authority (EMA) is reviewing the implementation of a Demand Response programme in the National Electricity Market of Singapore.

Under a multi-year partnership, a demand response pilot programme will also be implemented at the Siemens Center in Singapore. Siemens will supply components such as smart meters and other communication equipment. It will also conduct site surveys for equipment installation, and supervise installations with engineering services provided by Diamond Energy.