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natural gas genset

Caterpillar to power ferries at 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro

Mon, 09/15/2014 - 17:03 -- Laura Varriale
Caterpillar to power ferries at  2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro

Caterpillar (CAT) Marine has secured a deal with Brazilian operator Assessoria Transporte Aquaviaro to power fast ferries for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

CAT Marine will supply 28 generator sets for seven aluminum-hull fast ferries. The 14 Cat 3512 with dynamic gas blending (DGB) and 14 Cat 9 gensets are designed to ensure prime and auxiliary power. Each 3512 generator provides 550eKW at 60Hz of rated power.

The ferries will feature diesel electric propulsion with azimuth thrusters and identical engine rooms. One ferry will be equipped with the Cat Marine dual fuel solution and powered by compressed natural gas. The remaining six ferries will be built with the option to retrofit the engine room to include dynamic gas blending kits.

“We’re pleased to unveil our first Cat Marine 3500 dual fuel solutions with Dynamic Gas Blending for such a significant global event,” said Chris Chenette, CAT Marine product value manager.

According to CAT Marine, the 3512 DGB generator set features a low-pressure gas system with an approximately 70% maximum gas substitution rate across a wide load range.

“The new Cat Marine dual fuel solution leverages the proven durability of the 3500 diesel engine while offering customers enhanced fuel flexibility and power redundancy to run diesel or gas,” said Jason Spear, CAT Marine product definition engineer.

Cummins supplies natural gas genset to ARUP

Thu, 08/07/2014 - 11:12 -- Laura Varriale
ARUP Salt Lake City

Cummins Power Generation has delivered natural gas generator sets to Associated Regional and University Pathologists (ARUP) Laboratories near Salt Lake City, US.

The standby power solution is to provide emergency power for critical research processes at the laboratory without risk of fuel disruption by using natural gas, according to Cummins.

Medical tester ARUP ordered three 1MW lean-burn natural gas gensets that feature unit-mounted power command controls and paralleling capability. The system accepts load within 30 seconds of start-up.

According to Cummins, ARUP chose a natural gas-fueled genset, because diesel needs replenishment by deliveries that might not be able to get through in extreme eventualities. Long-term environmental concerns about onsite diesel storage have played a role, too.

The gensets are now ready for operation in case of emergencies. In the meantime, the system runs two hours each month for testing.

The 300,000 sq. ft. laboratory processes specimens of blood, body fluid and tissue biopsies. It operates 24/7, seven days a week.

Regional distributor Cummins Rocky Mountains delivered the systems. The distributor also provided ancillary equipment and installed a digital master controller.

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