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Systems Sunlight's assembly hub to reach US lithium-ion and lead battery market

Thu, 05/27/2021 - 09:15 -- Paul Crompton
Sunlight systems’ assembly hub to reach US lithium-ion and lead battery market

Systems Sunlight, a member of Greece consortium Olympia Group, has launched a subsidiary to run a 2GWh assembly hub for lithium-ion and lead batteries within the US.

The new subsidiary, Sunlight Battery US, and assembly plant follow a $10 million investment.

Sunlight Battery US will run the hub in North Carolina, which will have a total floor plan of 105,000 square feet and an annual capacity of more than 2GWh in lithium and lead technologies. 

The US facility is the company’s largest assembly hub, and supplements its existing plant in Verona, Italy. 

Sunlight says the hub will help it serve existing and future customers and grow its US lead and lithium battery market. 

Systems Sunlight CEO, Lambros Bisalas said: “COVID-19 has highlighted the need and demand for green energy and the US requires innovation and battery production support to compete with the Asian market. 

“We have invested €105 million in R&D for innovative lithium technologies that will usher in a clean energy future. We are keen to utilise and apply this research to our product offerings in the US.”

Brian Faust, vice president-general manager at Sunlight Batteries USA, said the subsidiary would focus on its existing products as well as new technologies like lithium.

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