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Battery partners to tighten their embrace?

Tue, 04/16/2019 - 16:37 -- John Shepherd

The relationship between SK Innovation and Volkswagen could be about to get a whole lot closer if, according to one of our latest reports, the pair go ahead and launch a joint battery-making business.

VW only recently expanded its Asian network of electric vehicle battery suppliers to include SKI. But more intriguing is SKI potentially also cosying up for a separate partnership with one or more Chinese players.

China and South Korea remain intense battery rivals, despite some commercial battery ties between the two. However, regional rivalries could easily be set aside in a united front to jointly take on competitors elsewhere.

And if geopolitics is your thing, there’s more food for thought in Western Australia’s move to follow through on its aspirations to join the big battery league. That region of the lucky country in particular is sitting on plenty of battery mineral riches that could give it a winning hand with the right stewardship. Watch this space!

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