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Brexit Britain feeling chill of battery trading winds?

Tue, 08/28/2018 - 13:04 -- John Shepherd

There’s more evidence this week, as if it were needed, of Asia’s desire to dominate on batteries for the global electric vehicles market. 

As we report in our top story, even old battery rivals China and South Korea are cosying up still further, with SK Innovation now expanding its horizons from inside China! 

But the picture might not be so rosy in Europe, and in the UK in particular, where the government has just released a plethora of, frankly, unhelpful 'technical notices' telling businesses how to prepare in the event of a no deal Brexit with the EU.

This comes as one player, Camborne Energy Storage, crashes out of the UK market. It would be wrong to suggest a link between that firm’s failure and Brexit, but the writing’s on the wall and the UK will need to up its game if it really wants to support innovation in the competitive global batteries sector in future.

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