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Words to the battery wise on April Fool's Day

Tue, 04/02/2019 - 16:09 -- John Shepherd

In some countries, news outlets mark the first day of April by publishing ridiculous stories with false claims— and give just enough clues to help readers ‘get’ the joke. 

In the UK, it might be harder to distinguish fantasy from reality amid the tomfoolery this year, given the twists and turns of the Brexit saga.

However, visitors to this web site and readers of BEST Battery Briefing (BBB) can rest assured there’s no make-believe here. We’re not being prudish, but we believe solid journalism trumps fake news, such as our coverage of further expansion into Europe by Asian battery players Leoch International and SK Innovation.

We’ve also got the inside story on scientists who have joined the battery of criticism over proposals to restrict the use of lead-acid in the EU.

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