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World’s largest sodium-sulphur ESS deployed in Japan

Fri, 03/11/2016 - 12:17 -- paul Crompton
Buzen Substation in Buzen, Fukuoka Prefecture

Japan’s Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has delivered the world’s largest sodium-sulphur battery energy-storage system to balance power generated from renewable sources.

The 50 MW/300 MWh system was installed at the Buzen Substation in Buzen, Fukuoka Prefecture for use by Japanese utility company Kyushu Electric Power Co.

The system is part of a pilot project to balance the area’s grid frequency when connected to renewable energy sources.

The system is housed in 252 containers, each providing 200kW in 63 four-module units covering a footprint of 14,000 square-meters.

The ESS uses Mitsubishi Electric’s BLEnDer® RE battery SCADA management system to monitor and control modules.

Mitsubishi Electric has previously installed two systems both in the Nagasaki prefecture: a 4MW/1.6MWh lithium-ion ESS and a 3.5MW/1.43MWh lithium-ion system.

Last year the company also demonstrated a 4.2MW/ 25.2MWh sodium-sulfur and a 2MW/700kWh lithium-ion system in the Oki, Shimane Prefecture.