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Dr Akira Yoshino

Dr Akira Yoshino has been awarded the Global Energy Prize for his invention of the lithium-ion battery, marking the first time the award has gone to a battery technology. On winning the award he said it is important for electrochemistry as a field.

A123 Battery Pack

A123 Systems, the part of the company that was taken over by Wanxiang America following Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, is showing its own identity away from the previous A123 with the formation of a new division called A123 Venture Technologies. This portion of the company will be dedicated to developing innovative energy storage products with partner companies.


SAKOR Technologies, testing company, has introduced a complete testing system for hybrid and electric vehicles. The system features AccuDyne AC motoring dynamometers, a high voltage DC battery simulator, and a DynoLAB PT data acquisition and control system. The complete turnkey testing system can be configured to automate performance, durability, and quality control testing, including complex in-use and road load simulations for both drivetrain components and electric motors and drives.


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