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BMW joins the queue of carmakers to enter home energy storage

Mon, 06/27/2016 - 15:09 -- Paul Crompton
BMW joins the queue of carmakers to enter home energy storage

German carmaker BMW has become the latest automaker to develop home energy storage systems using car batteries.

BMW will work with compatriot firm Beck Automation to use complete new or second life i3 battery packs as its offering.

BMW’s version, which was revealed at the Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition in Montreal, will differ from Tesla’s and Daimler’s in using the entire battery pack, and the 22kWh or 33 kWh system will be capable of powering an average home for a full 24 hours, the company claims.

BMW claims the batteries will retain most of their original capacity after the vehicle has finished with them, and that they will offer years of in-home service afterwards.

Second-life MINI E batteries will be used to create a stationary solar energy storage system at BMW's technology office in Mountain View, California.

Daimler AG began delivering its first home energy storage systems in April this year, following months of commercial deliveries.

Its lithium-ion storage units are manufactured by Deutsche Automotive. 

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