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BYD appointment aims to boost eastern US Operations

Mon, 12/21/2015 - 11:02 -- Paul Crompton
BYD appointment  to boost eastern US Operations

Hong Kong rechargeable battery firm BYD has hired a new director as it gears up to increase its electric vehicle operations in the US.

Eva Lerner-Lam was named director of eastern US business to build up the operations of the New York-based office and drive regional sales of BYD’s entire line-up of electric vehicles.

The full portfolio of EVs include, electric buses and coaches, long-range electric taxis, eTrucks and battery-electric forklifts.

Lerner-Lamb said: “The time has come for electric vehicles and BYD is ready to meet the growing demand.

“It’s a very exciting opportunity to take technology that was developed in China—and leveraged and matured in large scale there—and adapt them to American standards, lifestyles and infrastructures.”

Together with Assistant General Manager Carlos Antunes, Lerner-Lam will continue BYD’s international efforts to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure, open regional facilities and plants and deliver green-tech products like energy storage stations.

She said: “The game-changing technology is already here. It just needs to be applied and distributed.”