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Cummins unveils quiet gensets for lightweight market

Fri, 12/06/2013 - 12:12 -- Ruth Williams
The Cummins QuietConnect

Cummins has brought out a range of generator sets suitable for home or business applications that run on both liquid propane and natural gas. The QuietConnect has power output ratings from 22kW to 60kW.

These are Cummins first gensets for the light commercial or residential markets. Although based on previous Cummins products, the emphasis was on making the gensets extremely quiet.

The QuietConnect operates very quietly thanks to advanced sound attenuation design and acoustical testing. This was done by eliminating external noises and pinpointing where in a generator noise was made so engineers could design quieter products.

The Connect Series generators are powered by the QSJ2.4 engine, a four-cycle, spark-ignited engine has a closed-loop electronic fuel system and have been designed and tested to perform under extreme temperatures and high altitude applications.