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GE’'s UPS technology gets an efficiency boost

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 17:36 -- Ruth Williams

2-57aGE has self-certified its eBoost software with an ‘ecomagination’ qualification for improving the efficiency of the 225-750 kVA SG Series UPS modules from 92-94% to 98-99%.

GE’s eBoost provides UPS modules with high efficiency and fast power transfers. It allows a bypass of the power conversion process under normal power system conditions, which in turn saves energy. 

eBoost software continuously monitors utility power quality and activates double conversion mode only when utility power quality falls outside of data centre power quality requirements, reducing the amount of time spent in a less efficient traditional “double conversion” mode. 

The transfer from the high-efficiency mode to inverter can be completed within 2 milliseconds of eBoost recognizing a system failure to meet power requirements. This “multi-mode” energy efficient operating mode for UPS is included in the Green Grid Data Centre Maturity Model as a recommendation for improving data centre energy efficiency. 

The eBoost software also increases reliability and redundancy by enabling up to six UPS modules in parallel operation and by eliminating single points of failure.

According to data from a recent Frost & Sullivan UPS World Report, replacing the existing installed base of legacy double conversion UPS with those operating in high-efficiency multi-mode would generate at least 4 000 megawatts of energy savings, which would produce annual energy cost savings of more than US$3 billion per year.