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GS Battery USA launches HES

Thu, 01/17/2013 - 17:36 -- Ruth Williams

GS Battery USA Inc., a subsidiary of GS Yuasa Corporation, has launched its hybrid energy system, or HES, that can be used to store solar energy and charge electric vehicles.

The HES is an integrated compact system equipped with 48V lead-acid battery that combines battery storage with photovoltaic power generation to give the option to operate attached to the electric grid as a hybrid.

Nine HES systems are already in use, three have been deployed to the Electric Power Research Institute for a SMART station programme in Tennessee and six storage-only systems were deployed as part of a complete EV charge station by Oak Ridge National Labs' US Department of Energy EV Charger trial programme.

The HES unit is capable of powering critical loads as well as having the optional integrated electric vehicle charger plug level 2 EVSE to use the stored energy for EVs. The cabinet is suitable for indoor or outdoor usage and has options for and AC and a DC load centre, a PV charge controller, auxiliary heating and air conditioning, a hydrogen sensor and fan cooling.

"Customers are initially deploying the HES systems to store energy supplied by photovoltaic arrays and using this energy to charge electric vehicles," said Jeff Hires, Engineering Manager, GS Battery and the HES designer. "The option of Level 1 and Level 2 charging makes this system ideal for locations installing a standalone charging station at an affordable cost. Plus, remote monitoring and control are built in making the system accessible anywhere over the internet."