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Highview Power names new CEO as company chief moves to “outside organisation”

Thu, 09/30/2021 - 14:35 -- paul Crompton
Highview Power appoints Adrian Katzew, next CEO

Liquid air energy storage developer Highview Power has appointed Adrian Katzew, as the next CEO of the global group of companies.

The founder and former CEO of Mexican renewable energy firm Zuma Energía will commence his role with Highview next month in the role of deputy CEO and CEO designate.

Katzew will assume full leadership on 1 January, 2022, after a three month transition period where he will work with Highview chairman Colin Roy, and its CEO Javier Cavada. 

At that time, Cavada— who joined the firm in 2018 to drive international deployment— will continue serving as a non-executive director of the board. 

Cavada will commence a new executive role with an “outside organisation” after 1 January.

Roy said: “It is in the nature of technology growth companies that they require different types of leaders for different stages of development. Now is the time for us to capitalise on our first-mover advantage as we build out the project pipeline, construct our plants – and expand the capabilities of the company across key global markets.”

Katzew said: “We are currently witnessing an unprecedented transformation of energy systems across the globe for renewable energy sources, and Highview Power’s long duration storage is a critical piece of the solution. 

“Highview Power’s liquid air energy storage technology is positioned to be a catalyst for decarbonisation and to be one of the global energy storage leaders in driving energy transition forward.”

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