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hybrid power

Cummins to supply hybrid power systems to Myanmar

Fri, 09/05/2014 - 10:27 -- Laura Varriale
Cummins Power Generation's hybrid power system

Cummins Power Generation is to provide solar hybrid, battery hybrid and diesel generator systems to Myanmar’s Irrawaddy Green Towers (IGT).

The products will be delivered to over 750 mobile-tower sites that IGT will install during the next year. Two-thirds of the sites will be off the country’s primitive power grid and located in remote locations.

Cummins Power Generation’s hybrid power systems are designed to decrease capital expenditure while lowering the cost of ownership and ensuring uninterrupted operations. According to the critical power provider, the integrated battery storage allows the operators to reduce generator run time and save fuel costs. Myanmar’s poor road infrastructure makes refueling the generators more difficult and expensive.

"While there are no shortages of renewable hybrid solution providers, we chose Cummins Power Generation for their technical expertise as well as their local service capability and coverage," said Charbel Abou-Jaoude, CEO of IGT.

Telecom provider Telenor Myanmar, who won a license along with Ooredoo to roll out a mobile network in Myanmar in 2013, contracted IGT. Cummins Power Generation also has a supply agreement with telecom startup Ooredoo.

EDL receives $17.3m for off-grid diesel hybrid plant

Mon, 07/21/2014 - 15:57 -- Laura Varriale
PV plant in Australia

Australia Energy Development Limited (EDL) has obtained $17.3m from Australian government to deploy an off-grid diesel hybrid plant in South Australia.

EDL aims to combine 3MW of wind generation, 2MW of solar PV and 3.9MW of the existing diesel station to provide the city of Coober Pedy with 70% renewable energy. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), set up in 2012 by Australian government, gave the funding to support the project.

The project will also include short-term energy storage, fast-start diesel engines and a control system.

“These enabling technologies have been successfully tried and tested by Hydro Tasmania at the ARENA-supported King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project and this represents an opportunity to see them evolve for use on the mainland and in an outback community that has few alternative energy options,” said ARENA CEO Ivor Frischknecht.

“This ambitious project may demonstrate a combined approach for powering off-grid Australian communities that currently rely solely on expensive trucked-in diesel,” added Frischknecht.

Australia’s off-grid demand is growing and renewable energy projects can lead to savings of expenses as technology costs reduce and fossil fuel costs increase, highlighted the company.

EDL intends to restructure an existing power purchasing agreement with Coober Pedy with a 20-year agreement.

Saft and ECO-H Technologies supply hybrid gensets to oil rigs

Fri, 02/21/2014 - 14:54 -- Ruth Williams
The ECO-H is the first-to-market hybrid genset with an integrated battery system.

Saft has entered a contract with Ontario-based ECO-H Technologies, part of AVL Group, to supply a lithium-ion battery system for ECO-H’s Hybrid Power Management System designed for the oil and gas industry.

The hybrid generator system will use Saft’s Intensium Flex battery to reduce the fuel consumption by switching to battery power, thus resulting in greater energy efficiency on oil and gas rigs. The Intensium Flex has a capacity of 500kW with 525kWh available. It will in turn provide prime power, load levelling and peak shaving services.

The ECO-H is the first-to-market hybrid genset with an integrated battery system. Hybrid systems are intended to be more efficient than generators as the battery works harder, resulting in lower fuel consumption, emissions and operating costs.

Ten ECO-H systems have been purchased for installation throughout 2014 to offshore rigs. The deal marks Saft’s entry to a new market; President of Saft America, Thomas Alcide, said the company anticipates future growth in the industrial sector will be generated by the deal.

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