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Only third of global firms ‘embrace advanced energy management’— Schneider

Mon, 01/29/2018 - 10:51 -- News Editor
Only third of global firms ‘embrace advanced energy management’— Schneider

A new study released by Schneider Electric has indicated that while most organisations feel prepared for a decentralised, decarbonised and digitised future, few are taking the necessary steps to integrate and advance their energy and sustainability programmes.

This false sense of security can be attributed to the finding that most companies still take fairly conventional approaches to energy management and climate action. And the gaps in innovation are further complicated by limited coordination between procurement, operations and sustainability departments, as well as inefficient data collection and sharing.


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Prime power upgrade for Belgian concrete factory

Fri, 04/04/2014 - 09:43 -- Tildy Bayar
Prime power upgrade for Belgian concrete factory

A concrete factory in Londerzeel, Belgium is to get a prime power upgrade with a new generator set from Cummins Power Generation.

For the past 12 years concrete manufacturer Geeroms had been using a C275 genset, also from Cummins, to power its cement mixers. The old genset is now to be replaced with a new C250 D5 genset.

In the face of competitor competition, Cummins said close cooperation with the customer helped it make the sale.

“We had to thoroughly investigate the issues the customer had on site so we could assess any difficulties they had with their other equipment, and could determine our strong points compared to the competition,” said Guy Stevens, sales manager for power generation at Cummins Belgium.

An important issue was the amount of dust at the site. While competitors’ solutions featured intercooler and water cooler back to back, Cummins’ side-by-side solution worked best for Geeroms since, in a very dusty environment, equipment with back-to-back coolers requires too-frequent cleaning. 

Space was also an important deciding factor. Cummins positioned the genset’s fuel tank atop a storage container, adding a frame at the sides to ensure safe access for maintenance purposes.

Geeroms specialises in concrete manufacture for road construction. The Londerzeel factory also features a construction waste recycling plant.

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