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48 volt lithium drive trains have arrived

Fri, 02/03/2017 - 12:46 -- Paul Crompton
Yejin Jin of Valeo

Two major battery and electric drive train suppliers introduced 48 volt systems for the European and Chinese vehicle markets at AABC last week— to the surprise of many analysts.

The 48 volt concept has been dismissed as ‘without value’ by Menachem Anderman, perhaps the most prominent industry watcher.

Sven Grundmann of Robert Bosch introduced a 48V battery package consisting of a 12s 1p configured NMC/Graphite pouch battery.

Manufactured from Panasonic cells, it will be capable of charging at 13kw and offering a discharge power of 11 kW. According to Grundmann, the first deliveries will be to Chinese OEMs next year.

There are also strong arguments to change the vehicle power delivery architecture. According to Yejin Jin of Valeo - the case is compelling, in the light of new European and Chinese legislation for 2021 and 2030 which demands introduction of higher efficiency drive and power delivery systems.

The Valeo solution is a 48 V battery system with a variety of drive transmissions and separate power supplies for peak power and battery charging. Tests are underway using a 20 ah NCM/Graphite air cooled battery. The company has already built a demonstrator vehicle.

There will be full details of the 48volt approach in the Spring issue of BEST magazine. Click here to subscribe and ensure you don’t miss out.

Picture: Yejin Jin of Valeo