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Anderman cautious on EV ‘expansion’

Mon, 01/28/2019 - 00:00 -- John Shepherd
Menahem Anderman

Electric vehicle penetration of the global car fleet will be at less than 10% by 2025, industry guru Menahem Anderman has told BEST Battery Briefing.

Anderman, who chairs this week’s Advanced Automotive Battery (AABC Europe) Conference under way in Strasbourg, said: “We are on the edge of expansion, but I am not sure it will be as much as some people project.”

“It might be a bit lower than some, such as European car makers, predict,” Anderman told BBB.

EV costs are a key factor in Anderman’s analysis. While costs may be lower 10 years from now, the cost of EVs are “still high today”.

“And it’s not quite clear how many people will buy a car with a 300 kilometre range with relatively slow charging.”

Range “is better today than it was three years ago, but it’s still an issue,” Anderman said. “People just want to get onto the road without having to think about whether they will be able to charge-up wherever they are going.”

Anderman’s comments came as latest research by consultancy Wood Mackenzie indicated EV’s accounted for only 2.6% of the total automotive production of some 80 million units in 2018 worldwide.

On top of that, EV’s still use lead batteries to ‘control’ the vehicles, Wood Mackenzie said.

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