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Auto alliance invests in Enevate’s advanced LIB tech

Mon, 11/19/2018 - 00:00 -- John Shepherd
Enevate batteries

International automotive partnership Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance Ventures is stepping up its investment in fast-charge battery technology research.

The partners’ investment arm, Alliance Ventures, said it has invested in a round of funding for the Enevate Corporation— a Californian advanced lithium-ion battery tech developer.

Enevate’s “silicon-dominant lithium-ion HD-Energy Technology features extreme fast-charging capabilities with high energy density and improved safety”, Alliance Ventures said.

The technology features “five-minute fast charging with high energy density and long driving range with added focus on low-temperature operation for cold climates, low cost and safety benefits”.

Enevate licenses its technology to battery and EV automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

Enevate president and CEO Robert Rango said the carmakers understood “the market needs of EV consumers worldwide.

“We share the common goal of making EVs easier to use and adopt in mass markets,” Rango added.

The undisclosed amount marks the latest technology investment by Alliance Ventures, which was launched earlier this year to support start-ups, early-stage development, and entrepreneurs at the cutting edge of next-generation systems for the automotive industry.

The alliance said earlier this year it aimed to invest up to $1 billion to support “open innovation” over the next five years.

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