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Cadenza strikes deal for Australia LIB project

Mon, 02/25/2019 - 00:00 -- Hugh Finzel
Cadenza 'Renaissance One' facility

‘Supercell’ technology designed by US battery platform provider Cadenza Innovation is to be deployed in Australia under a deal with the country’s Energy Renaissance (ER).

The companies have entered into a technology agreement that will see Cadenza’s technology utilised in systems produced at ER’s planned 1.3GWh ‘Renaissance One’ lithium-ion facility in Darwin.

ER said Renaissance One will be “the only facility dedicated to providing commercial-scale energy storage systems specifically designed for hot and humid climates”, which have technical requirements that “far exceed the capabilities of typical lithium-ion batteries.”

Under the agreement, Cadenza’s technology— which has been described by the US Department of Energy as “an innovative battery architecture that improves lithium-ion battery safety and, in turn, enables both increased energy density and lower cost”— will be paired with ER’s manufacturing and sales capabilities.

Founded in 2015 with backing from Australian public sector groups and private investors, ER has committed to building “the country’s first utility-scale lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility”.

Cadenza founder and CEO Dr Christina Lampe-Onnerud said there is an “insatiable need for reliable batteries to facilitate renewable energy” and to improve efficiency for traditional energy sources.

In September 2018, Cadenza signed a similar cooperation agreement with Chinese lithium battery company BAK. As with that deal, the financial terms of the agreement with ER have not been disclosed.

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