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Firm reports purity of its recovered lithium-ion battery materials reaches almost 100%

Fri, 02/28/2020 - 11:23 -- Paul Crompton

Critical metals company American Manganese has announced the battery materials it recovered from disassembled electric vehicle battery packs was almost 100% pure.

The company’s independent contract laboratory, Kemetco Research, generated recycled products with purities of 98.91% (nickel), 99.72% (cobalt) and 99.27% (manganese). 

Zarko Meseldzija, chief technical officer at the Canadian company, told BEST the company would not disclose the details of the project’s course of action or the techniques used due to the “competitive nature of the industry”.

The results contribute to the company’s goal is to commercialise its patented recycling technology.

The battery packs were supplied by team members from the Critical Materials Institute, a U.S. DOE Energy Innovation Hub led by Ames Laboratory. 

The CMI project ‘Lithium-Ion Battery Disassembly, Remanufacturing, and Lithium & Cobalt Recovery Project’ focuses on research, development and demonstration of novel methods that maximize value recovery from lithium-ion battery stacks, modules and cells by reuse, remanufacturing, and materials recovery.

Larry Reaugh, president and CEO of American Manganese, said: “Recycling battery manufacturing waste is an immediate opportunity for battery manufacturers to take control of their supply chain amid battery-supply bottlenecks. 

“Our patented process is designed to produce recycled battery products that could be seamlessly integrated into the re-manufacturing of battery cathodes using minimal processing steps.”

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