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GS Yuasa unveils lead-lithium energy storage platform

Mon, 02/18/2019 - 00:00 -- John Shepherd

Japan-based lead and lithium group GS Yuasa has unveiled a dual chemistry energy storage system that “combines the fast response of lithium-ion with the endurance of lead-acid”.

GS Yuasa said the container-based system is the “world’s first energy storage platform where lead acid and lithium-ion batteries are combined to feed a power conversion system”.

The battery giant partnered with Infinite Group, the University of Sheffield and Innovate UK to develop the ‘Adept’ (advanced multi-energy management and optimisation time shifting platform) system.

The platform features two GS Yuasa battery systems— a 75kW/hour lithium-ion battery system of 36 GS Yuasa LIM50 modules, alongside a 250kW/hour VRLA battery system of 240 Yuasa SLR500 cells. Both systems are connected to a 100kW bi-direction power conversion unit as well as full monitoring and battery management systems.

Adept, built at GS Yuasa’s battery manufacturing facility on an industrial estate in Ebbw Vale, Wales.

Adept stores energy generated by wind turbines on the industrial estate and solar panels on the roof of the container. The release of energy into the plant is controlled by the Adept ‘micro-grid manager’.

Yuasa Battery Europe senior technical co-ordinator Peter Stevenson said: “Adept is the hub of a smart micro-grid that manages energy generators and loads at local level to stabilise their impact on the national electricity grid.”

“The dual chemistry system combines the fast response of lithium-ion with the endurance of lead-acid. This seamless interaction takes place under a single battery control system. Using both battery types provides the best of both worlds and is a more economical and sustainable solution than using lithium alone,” Stevenson said.

GS Yuasa said it has already received orders for the system, which is set to be rolled out to other sites across South Wales this year.

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