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American Manganese produces 99.99% pure lithium sulfate from recycled lithium-ion batteries

Thu, 10/14/2021 - 22:30 -- paul Crompton

American Manganese has successfully produced lithium sulfate (Li2SO4) with 99.99% purity using its lithium-ion battery recycling process. 

The bulk sample of lithium sulfate was manufactured using the Canadian firm’s RecycLiCo™ process and sent to an unnamed international lithium producer for validation.

The process first leached lithium-ion battery cathode scrap and black-mass material with an extraction efficiency of more than 99%. 

The resulting pregnant leach solution was then coprecipitated to produce cathode precursor material (nickel, cobalt, and manganese). 

The remaining solution underwent separate extraction of high purity lithium sulfate while regenerating process chemicals for the closed-loop process. 

Together, the cathode precursor and lithium sulfate product accounts for most of the lithium-ion battery's material value and can be re-integrated into new battery manufacturing. 

Larry Reaugh, president and CEO of American Manganese, said: "To produce green batteries, you need 'green' lithium, and we are thrilled to be engaged with companies that recognise the promise of RecycLiCo. We are confident that our product will align with the lithium-ion battery industry's needs, and which will unlock long-term environmental benefits." 

Throughout American Manganese's R&D and pilot plant project, the company successfully produced other lithium derivatives such as lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate.

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