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Squaring the circle of sustainability

Mon, 06/10/2019 - 10:23 -- John Shepherd

Just how much good will we do by expanding the number of battery-powered vehicles on the world’s roads? The answer is ‘not much at all’ without some serious planning, if new advice from UK scientists is to be believed.

As BEST Battery Briefing reports this week, the scientists are warning of “huge implications” for our natural resources if countries stick to their target quotas for replacing ICE vehicles with EVs.

And even when the ‘green’ EVs are on the roads, the warning is that, without better planning, countries such as the UK won’t be able to generate the increased electricity required to keep the batteries charged.

If the scientific advice is correct, the world risks having to ride roughshod over its concerns about sustainability to dig up more and more precious resources in its quest to be ‘green’.

It’s an interesting conundrum but an issue that has to be addressed nonetheless.

Meanwhile, an initiative is getting under way to recover and recycle potentially tens of thousands of kilos of Pb products from remote communities in Alaska. Lead batteries continue to be one of the most sustainable products on the planet and might yet have the last laugh.