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Navitas reveals lithium battery line as drop-in lead-acid replacement

Wed, 09/17/2014 - 10:48 -- Laura Varriale
Navitas System's Ultanium lithium battery

US-based Navitas Systems has launched a lithium battery family for commercial, industrial and military applications.

The Ultanium line is designed to directly replace lead-acid batteries. "The Navitas Research and Development team has designed an integrated battery management system for high safety along with recharge compatibility with any lead-acid application,” said Michael Wixom, Navitas Systems senior director of research and development.

The Ultanium batteries, showcased at The Battery Show in Novi, US, come in three versions; a 24V version for electrical systems of military vehicles, a 12V type for military or commercial starting/deep cycle applications and a 12V version for deep cycle applications.

"Commercial and military vehicles contain 21st Century electronics, but they still are saddled with using 19th century lead-acid batteries," said Navitas Systems' president Mil Ovan.

According to Navitas Systems, the Ultanium line is suitable for vehicle electronics systems, because voltage throughout the discharge does not fade, unlike lead-acid batteries.

The batteries are the same size as most military, commercial and industrial lead-acid batteries and work with existing lead-acid chargers. The company improved cycle life, runtime of the Ultanium line, which work nearly 50% faster in ampere-hours to full state-of-charge than traditional lead-acid batteries.

The new batteries will be undergoing testing by the US Army later this year.