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Going going gone— lithium-ion battery equipment

Fri, 02/14/2014 - 15:56 -- Ruth Williams
Chris Hillseth

Advanced lithium-ion battery makers are in line to obtain some bargains as machinery that cost in excess of $40m new goes up for private treaty sale, according to Chris Hillseth of Hillseth Enterprises.

California-based Hillseth has made a business from disposing of advanced technology plants from the pharmaceutical, electronics and now the battery sector.

Hillseth told BBB that some of the equipment was “as good as new” and hardly used.

Was the sale a consequence of recent lithium maker bankruptcies in the USA, BBB asked?

“The recent events in the industry are not necessarily a projection of the future. The potential is definitely out there, locally and internationally, as we have already received inquiries from within the US. This particular equipment is from Canada,” Hillseth said.

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