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Hybrid lithium-VRFB system developed for power management applications

Thu, 09/09/2021 - 10:50 -- Paul Crompton

Vanadium product recycler AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group has built its first lithium-vanadium hybrid battery for industrial power management applications. 

AMG’s hybrid lithium-vanadium redox flow battery (LIVA) uses the lithium battery for fast discharging including black start; the vanadium battery, which is charged by the grid, is used to recharge the lithium battery.

The first LIVA system will be installed in one of AMG’s German manufacturing plants and is scheduled to go online in the first quarter of next year. 

Engineering has started for three more systems, two in Germany and one in the US. 

AMG Engineering is building the integrated system, with its subsidiaries AMG Titanium & Coatings supplying the vanadium electrolyte, and AMG Lithium designing the lithium portion of the battery. 

AI technology acquisition

To solve the need for an advanced software solution is essential, AMG bought German firm Phyr7, which specialises in artificial intelligence-based power-management solutions. 

Phyr7 will be renamed LIVA Power Management Systems and be established with an initial capitalisation of €5 million ($6 million).  

The Phyr 7 software ecosystem maximises the efficiency, safety and lifetime of the batteries, and enables the economic integration of sector coupling strategies with renewable energies and green hydrogen.

Dr. Volker Koelln (pictured), founder of Phyr7, will be the CEO of LIVA Power Management Systems, and Holger Mueller-Rink will be its CFO, holding the same position at AMG Lithium. 

Dr. Stefan Scherer chairs the company’s Supervisory Board.

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