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Skeleton Technologies launches 4500 farad ultracapacitor series

Wed, 07/08/2015 - 09:31 -- paul Crompton
Skeleton Technologies launches 4500 farad ultracapacitor series

European firm Skeleton Technologies’ is closer to reaching it 20Wh/kg goal with the launch of an ultracapacitor range utilising graphene to boost energy density.

The patented graphene material boosts the capacitance of the SkelCap 4500 series to 4500 farads.

The series has been designed for mass-market applications and meets the industry standard of a 60 mm diameter cylindrical cell.

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Europe's ees and Intersolar gets bigger and better

Thu, 06/11/2015 - 11:13 -- paul Crompton
Europe's ees and Intersolar gets bigger and better

With an expected 40,000 visitors and more than 1,000 exhibitors to ees and Intersolar Europe, the ees exhibition weighs in as the continent’s largest exhibition for batteries and energy storage.

The 326 exhibitors are expected to present innovative energy storage systems, in an ees Europe exhibition space that is five times bigger than last year.

Host country Germany is heavily represented with 66 exhibitors on the ees side, followed by China and the UK.

Ees also hosted its inaugural conference this year with 229 speakers on photovoltaics and energy storage.

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Ease elects Klaus Petter Röttgen as president

Thu, 01/08/2015 - 12:56 -- Laura Varriale
Klaus Peter Röttgen

The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) has named Klaus Peter Röttgen, head of E.ON Innovation Center Energy Storage, as new president of the organisation.

Röttgen had been vice president of EASE since 2011. He took over the presidential role from Bernard Delpech, director of shared services of EDF R&D. At E.ON, Röttgen focuses on pumped storage plants, electric storage, power-to-gas and thermal energy storage.

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JCI in European battery technology collaboration

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 12:34 -- Ruth Williams
To seal the deal

Johnson Controls and Fraunhofer Institute have entered into an agreement for developing lithium-ion batteries for vehicles.

R&D staff from JCI will work with the Fraunhofer's Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology (UMSICHT) and its Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials (IFAM). Under the agreement the group will investigate technologies and thermal management strategies for lithium-ion battery packs.

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EnerNOC acquires Entelios for European DR growth

Fri, 02/21/2014 - 14:43 -- Ruth Williams
Europe is ripe for accelerated adoption of demand response and energy intelligence software.

EnerNOC, the US-based giant of energy efficiency for industries, has acquired Entelios, a European energy management company, to grow EnerNOC’s demand response business within Europe.

"Europe is ripe for accelerated adoption of demand response and energy intelligence software. Entelios has both the local market expertise and customer base that will help EnerNOC establish an important foothold in continental Europe, consistent with our growth and market diversification strategy," said Tim Healy, Chairman and CEO of EnerNOC.

Entelios has a successful technology platform that delivers demand response programmes which meet the transmission requirements in Germany, Austria and other European countries. Each of these represent significant markets, especially Germany as she moves away from fossil-fuel power toward renewable energy sources that remain intermittent.

The founder of Entelios, Oliver Stahl, said the company is delighted to join EnerNOC in providing energy intelligence software to drive energy efficiency and bring valuable operational savings to existing Entelios customers.

ECOBAT increases battery collection in Germany

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 17:12 -- Ruth Williams

Ecobat Technologies, provider of closed-loop recycling of lead-acid batteries, has purchased a German battery collection division called Must GmbH. The acquisition of Must, based in Vienenburg, Lower Saxony, increases Ecobat’s presence across Germany.

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European Commission invests in batteries for improving grid infrastructure

Fri, 10/18/2013 - 14:41 -- Ruth Williams
The European Commission holds the purse strings for the project

A 250MW battery storage installation in Italy is included in a list of 250 projects the European Commission is investing €5.85 billion in. The battery storage systems will be connected to the critical 150 kV transmission networks in Central South Italy.

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Tool from EnerSys gives insight into battery performance history

Thu, 09/05/2013 - 11:54 -- Ruth Williams

Battery giant EnerSys has introduced a service-reporting tool called the Service Activity Report Management (SARM) system, which allows the company to maintain a full service profile and audit trail for its complete range of Hawker batteries and chargers for motive power applications.

Information logged on to the system during installation and service visits can be analysed to prepare detailed reports and identify maintenance trends. The SARM system gives EnerSys insight into the maintenance of its Hawker batteries and chargers in the material handling and motive power markets. It collects and records service-related information that can be made available to customers who require verification of compliance with procedures and maintenance for key performance indicator reports.

Data relating to a battery or charger is entered into SARM at commissioning and at maintenance or service sessions using unique product details to provide a complete profile of the product’s service history. The system can be accessed online to allow field engineers to update information form any location. 

Reclassification of portable batteries gives threshold to UK recyclers

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 15:06 -- Ruth Williams


The EU is to re-classify portable batteries with a single weight threshold of 3Kg to overcome discrepancies in portable and industrial battery classifications for recycling.

Recycling targets introduced in the UK in 2010 to increase recycling of portable batteries have been skewed by the inclusion of larger batteries. Collectors have included automotive and industrial lead-acid batteries in the targets, which bump up numbers.

The grey area surrounds the definition of a portable battery: anything over 10kg is industrial, under 4kg is considered portable but between these two figures producers can decide whether it is classed as portable or industrial.

This lack of clarity meant larger lead-acid batteries – that are already widely recycled – were included with the collections. In 2012, 3 000 tonnes of portable lead-acid batteries were on the market but 9 000 tonnes were reported as being collected as waste. The discrepancy of 6 000 tonnes means the recycling figures lose all credibility.

The EU has a portable battery-recycling target of 45% for 2016; to meet this in the UK will require double the current collection rate.

Batteries that are now classified as non-portable will continue to be recycled at exceptionally high rates in the UK, as in the rest of Europe. 


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