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Bipolar lead battery organisation GreenSeal Alliance welcomes its newest member Amer-Sil

Fri, 10/08/2021 - 15:34 -- Paul Crompton

Lead battery and redox flow battery separator firm Amer-Sil has joined the GreenSeal Alliance organisation, which supports the industry’s transition to lead bipolar battery production.

Amer-Sil joined the organisation because it “wants to be ready for the innovations coming to the lead acid battery” and participate in the works on the bipolar battery design, said the Luxemburg-headquartered firm’s managing director Jan Peynsaert.

Amer-Sil designs and produces micro-porous polymer/silica separators for all types of industrial lead acid batteries, and is known in the industry also as a leading gauntlet supplier.

The company joins 21 other key players within the lead battery industry with the collective goal of promoting and improving lead batteries throughout the world using GreenSeal Technology.  

Mike Everett, chairman of the Board of GreenSeal Alliance stated “Amer-Sil’s background and dedication to improve the sustainability of lead batteries will be a perfect addition to the GreenSeal Alliance. With each new industry member, the GreenSeal Alliance grows stronger, deeper and broader in skills and abilities.” 

Read more about bipolar batteries and the GreenSeal allianc’s work HERE

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New German centre to boost electrochemical storage research

Tue, 08/28/2018 - 12:35 -- John Shepherd
Celest research. Photo: Laila Tkotz, KIT

Scientists in Germany have launched what they say is the country’s largest study to date of electrochemical storage systems.

The Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage Ulm & Karlsruhe (Celest) will focus on lithium-ion batteries, post-lithium technologies, fuel cells, and redox-flow batteries to “accelerate research, academic education, development, and technology transfer”.

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