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Lithium-ion ESS to help Ukraine align its power markets with Europe

Tue, 07/13/2021 - 08:31 -- Paul Crompton
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A Ukrainian firm is set to build a 197MW lithium-ion energy storage system after securing a nine-figure loan from the World Bank.

Ukrainian private joint stock company Ukrhydroenergo (UHE) has borrowed a total of $212 million for the project to help link Ukraine’s power grid with the European power grid.

Power grid synchronisation is a Ukrainian strategic objective to create a competitive power market aligned with EU regulations and market practices. 

The project aims to enhance reliability and security of power supply through diversification of energy sources, and access to the EU’s market. 

The project will combine the energy storage systems with solar power plants within four hydropower plant sites (Kyiv, Kaniv, Kremenchuk and Seredniodniprovska) to allow for ancillary services to the national power grid. 

A long-duration battery with a solar power plant will also be installed within Dniester Hydro Power Plant.

The loan includes: a $177 million International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) loan; a $34 million Clean Technology Fund (CTF) concessional loan; and a $1 million CTF grant for a new project in Ukraine – Improving Power System Resilience for European Power Grid Integration (Installation of Hybrid Systems for Electricity Production in Ukrhydroenergo). 

Rup Banerji, World Bank regional country director for eastern Europe, said: “This will help Ukraine integrate its power system with the European power grid, reduce the influence of vested interests, and contribute to the achievement of a more energy independent Ukraine.”

The World Bank has already been working to prepare Ukraine’s power infrastructure for synchronisation with the EU power grid under the ongoing Second Power Transmission Project (PTP2). 

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Ukraine to build its first large-scale ESS as it reduces dependence on fossil fuels

Fri, 05/01/2020 - 09:23 -- Paul Crompton

Mironovsky Hleboproduct (MHP), Ukraine’s largest agricultural holding, has confirmed plans to build the country’s first large-scale energy storage system.

The 25MW ESS will built in the city of Ladyzhin of the Vinnitsa region (West-Central Ukraine) and will be part of the energy cluster MHP established within the region.

By Eugene Gerden.

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Cooper Corporation exports first order to Ukraine

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 13:14 -- Ruth Williams
The Cooper Ecopack diesel genset will now be available to customers in Ukraine

Cooper Corporation has completed the export of the first batch of Cooper Ecopack diesel gensets to Ukraine as part of a long-term supply contract.

The contract includes the supply of all power ratings Cooper Gensets from 15KVA to 180 KVA for sale in the eastern European country.

The varied and challenging climate in Ukraine means generator sets can experience problems starting and operating in extremely low temperatures. Cooper is offering a cold start kit as an add-on to allow operation at all times.

The gensets will also be available in Ukrainian output voltages and meet European customer requirements.

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