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Naatbatt lifetime awards for lead-acid and energy storage pioneers

Fri, 03/04/2016 - 13:17 -- Paul Crompton

Naatbatt, the US- based trade association for the advanced battery industry, made two lifetime achievement awards at its annual members meeting last week.

The first paradoxically, was not to someone who has worked in  “advanced batteries’ at all but to Professor Detchko Pavlov, who has had a sixty plus year career in advancing the cause of lead-acid technology.

The Bulgarian academic, now working in his 80s, is still contributing to the scientific record.

The second award was made to Dr Imre Gyuk, the theoretical physicist, who has largely made his name in the US Department of Energy, making the case for electrical energy storage and supervising the US$180m DoE electrical energy storage research programme, which has catalysed a new market for the battery industry.

Pic: from left: Professor Detchko Pavlov and Dr Imre Gyuk