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Aqua Metals and BASF partner to push sales of lead recycling technology

Tue, 01/26/2021 - 11:01 -- Paul Crompton

US firm Aqua Metals has signed an electrolyte supply and technical improvement partnership deal with BASF to drive growth of its lead recycling AquaRefining technology.

The German chemical firm BASF will supply Aqua Metals’ electrolyte— a key chemical in the AquaRefining process— for all new licensee facilities and will be the preferred supplier partner to all licensees thereafter.

The deal includes BASF offering AquaRefining to its existing and perspective battery recycling clients, and Aqua Metals incorporating the German firm’s product into every initial deployment and system fill. 

In addition, Aqua Metals and BASF plan to explore technical enhancements to further improve the electrolyte formulations for improved AquaRefining performance and increased equipment longevity.