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BCI presents its Distinguished Service Award for support to the lead battery industry

Mon, 09/27/2021 - 10:31 -- paul Crompton
David Weinberg (pictured), a partner at law firm Wiley

Two people were presented with Battery Council International's (BCI) Distinguished Service Award during its annual conference, held last week. 

The award for 2020 and this year were presented during the 2021 BCI Convention + Power Mart Expo by the BCI Board of Directors to people that have made “sustained, long-term, and meaningful contributions” to the advancement of the association and the lead battery industry.

This year’s winner was Howard Meyers, chairman and CEO of Quexco, which has many interests in the lead battery recycling industry. 

Howard Meyers started building his lead recycling business in the 1970s. Over the next five decades, Howard has remained a mainstay in the industry, building what eventually became the largest battery recycling business in the world. 

The BCI 2020 Distinguished Service Award was presented to David Weinberg (pictured), a partner at law firm Wiley. Weinberg has a long history working with BCI, especially industry insight talks at the conference.

Weinberg first joined the BCI team in 1989 when the BCI Board of Directors brought on his law firm to help the association engage in the legislative challenges of that time. 

Weinberg and BCI’s first big effort was the roll out of the “BCI Model” law for lead battery collection. 

Launching BCI’s first Recycling Rate Report in 1990 and lobbying across the nation to get the BCI model adopted, today it is in place in more than 40 states and viewed as a model for closed-loop manufacturing.

Roger Miksad, executive vice president of BCI, said: “I’m pleased to present one of the industry’s leading advocates over the last 30 years, David Weinberg, with the BCI 2020 Distinguished Service Award.

“Today, we recognise David’s commitment to the industry and his tireless leadership that has guided BCI and the lead battery industry to where we are today.” 

Battery Council International is the North American trade association representing the lead-based battery manufacturing, supply, recycling and distribution companies. 


For more information on the association, visit www.batterycouncil.org.

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