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Cathode joint development agreement to supply lithium-ion battery market

Mon, 06/21/2021 - 08:22 -- paul Crompton
Cathode joint development agreement to supply lithium-ion battery market

Battery materials firm Nano One Materials Corp and Johnson Matthey have signed a joint development agreement to co-develop next generation cathode products.

The agreement will focus on developing materials, methods of production and a detailed commercialisation study for pre-pilot, pilot and scaled up manufacturing. 

Johnson Matthey will use Nano One's patented one-pot process and coated nanocrystal technology in its eLNO® portfolio of nickel-rich advanced cathode materials.

The one-pot process is designed to form a cathode material known as ‘coated single crystal’, which enables the materials to be made directly from metal powders and lithium carbonate. 

The agreement is the culmination of successful technical reviews and preliminary evaluations of both Nano One's high-nickel cathode materials and IP conducted over the past year.

The deal represents a significant milestone in the business relationship between both companies.

Christian Gunther, chief executive, battery materials at Johnson Matthey said the firms’ technology has the potential advantages in terms of product performance, sustainability and manufacturing cost.

Johnson Matthey aims to make 10,000 million tonnes per annum of its eLNO at a plant scheduled to open next year in Konin, Poland.

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