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East Penn produce VRLA for high temperatures

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 18:36 -- Ruth Williams

East Penn Manufacturing has designed and produced a heat tolerant VRLA monobloc battery that can withstand heat three times longer than standard VRLA batteries— the very problem that nearly destroyed the VRLA market more than  a decade ago.

The Deka Fahrenheit has been designed for the high temperature conditions of telecoms outdoor plant cabinets. After extensive testing with Telcordia, the battery has been proven to last three times longer in applications at 60°C compared to regular VRLA batteries. The heat resistance negates the need for cooling systems.

The battery contains an advanced thermal management technology system, which features a new case and cover plastic formula to optimise the internal compression and enhance valve regulation performance; a Micro Catalyst – to lower the float current, mitigate thermal build up and prevent cell dry out; a TempX Additive in the negative plate which decreases the float current by 75% and so withstand the heating effects. Battery life is increased high temperatures through the use of a corrosion Inhibitor, while a novel alloy on the positive plate impedes corrosion ur  at high extreme temperatures.

As well as the thermal management system is the IPF (Individual Plate Formation) Technology that monitors plate formation to get the best power capacity and consistent voltage throughout.