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Monbat opens Bulgaria’s only accredited lead-acid battery testing laboratory

Fri, 02/12/2021 - 09:23 -- Paul Crompton

Battery maker Monbat Economic Group has established Bulgaria’s first accredited lead-acid battery testing laboratory.

The MGLab is accredited by the country’s sole national body for accreditation of testing laboratories Bulgarian Accreditation Service 

The laboratory, which has been operating unaccredited for five years, will test lead-acid starter and stationary batteries, secondary cells and batteries for renewable energy sources, as well as deep-cycle and valve-regulated batteries. 

A spokesman for the Bulgarian firm told BEST that with the accreditation Monbat was a fully eligible operative in testing battery equipment under EN ISO/ IEC 17025, also aligned with the Bulgarian State Standard (БДС/BDS). 

He said: “The scope of the accreditation includes testing of all kinds of lead batteries.

“Being the fourth biggest lead-acid battery producer in Europe and operating with two own brands on two production plants we are now capable of providing full test procedures for our own ranges, but also can offer testing as a service for external customers.” 

The competence of the laboratory staff is covered by strictly defined requirements, which are evaluated and verified annually by the Bulgarian Accreditation Service. 

The laboratory workers obtain their qualification via necessary and relevant training.

MGLab is part of Monbat Group’s strategy in the production of state-of-the-art lead-acid batteries in both mobility and industrial battery markets.