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Renewables firm to deliver hybrid lead and lithium-ion ESS as a part of wider microgrid

Tue, 08/17/2021 - 10:57 -- paul Crompton

Renewable energy company Infinite will deliver power directly to the UK’s Royal Mint using a hybrid lead-acid and lithium-ion energy storage system as part of a microgrid.

The Local Energy Centre project in Wales will include 800kW of energy storage, with the lithium/lead-acid split subject to further analysis of TRM’s demand profile.

The energy storage system will combine the “fast response” of the lithium battery with the “endurance” of lead-acid.

The containerised energy storage scheme (ESS) will comprise of a dual-chemistry ADEPT system developed by Infinite in partnership with GS Yuasa and the University of Sheffield.

The system will be connected to a 2MW solar farm, a wind turbine and a hydrogen-ready Combined Heat & Power (CHP) system.

The Centre is expected to be operational by Autumn 2022.

Andrew Crossman, director at Infinite, said: “The Energy Centre at the Royal Mint is a tremendously exciting and innovative project that pushes the boundaries of decentralised energy generation and microgrid distribution. 

“As a large manufacturing site, the Royal Mint is the perfect candidate site for an integrated energy centre. The generation from low carbon and renewable technologies, distributed via smart microgrid, will provide a huge boost to The Royal Mint’s carbon reduction strategy.”

Hybrid energy storage

Japanese lead and lithium group GS Yuasa first unveiled its dual chemistry ADEPT ESSS in 2019.

The platform features a 75kW/hour lithium-ion battery system of 36 GS Yuasa LIM50 modules; alongside a 250kW/hour VRLA battery system of 240 Yuasa SLR500 cells. 

Then last year, one of the first systems was delivered to Portsmouth International Port, on the south coast of England, to demonstrate how smart grid technology and management software can reduce atmospheric emissions.

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