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Canada takes advantage of Europe's blindspot on lead-acid

Mon, 02/11/2019 - 00:00 -- John Shepherd

The Canadian government's decision to give a financial helping hand to independent battery maker Surrette— the top story in the latest edition of BEST Battery Briefing— is a breath of fresh air.

It would be a sensible move to support advanced battery development whatever the technology, and it's particularly welcome with lead-acid, which is also being further developed in Asia, and China in particular (as we have reported previously).

Only in Europe has it seemed that lead-acid is the technology that dare not be named in the presence of EU policymakers. However, industry insiders tell BBB, politically-inspired moves against lead in favour of its largely ‘lithium-fuelled Batteries Alliance’ might be waning... we shall see. The irony of Surrette's investment is that it is expanding in part to satisfy European demand for its products!

Meanwhile, hardly a week goes by without an acquisition in the industry and the latest is Tesla's move on Maxwell Technologies. Is this all about Tesla loosening its reliance on Panasonic, or bolstering its bottom line with a fresh income stream, or both? Watch this space!

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